Medical solution for urinary or bowel incontinence

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We know several types of incontinence (e.g., stress, urge, overflow, or reflex incontinence), and the correct diagnosis first needs to be established in order to choose the right treatment. Dr. Péter Szabados, beyond the evaluation of complaints, can make a determination using the so-called urodynamic examination. In addition to possible outflow disorders, the test will assess the bladder's dilatation, contractility and whether the sphincters are working properly. 

Dr. Szabados is a specialist in the procedure called electrical stimulation of the pressor sensing receptors about the proper control of bladder functions. The method has a history spanning over fifty years and was originally developed for the treatment of bladder dysfunction due to nerve involvement. Innervation disorders also play a role in other types of incontinence, so there is a wide range of cases that can be treated with electrical stimulation. 

The Examination 

The procedure involves electrically stimulating pressure sensing receptors directly in the bladder wall, which helps re-educate upper brain centers about the proper control of urine output. Incontinence may also change stooling habits over time, which can also be treated with the therapy. 

The examination is recommended in case of the following symptomscomplaints 

  • urinary or bowel incontinence 

Good To Know

The doctor is available for appointments on the following days: Monday-Friday: 8:00-16:00 During the first appointment, a urodynamic examination will be conducted after a consultation and a review of general medical history, which will determine the most suitable treatment approach for you. The treatment itself will require several sessions, and during the consultation you will be informed about the number of appointments needed for you. The procedure is painless, has no known side effects and, in most cases, the results are lasting.


The rate includes a urodynamic examination for one patient and a consultation with the specialist. The rate is only available in limited amount for the given time period. The service provider has the right to re-schedule the appointment upon previous consultation with the patient. The cost of any further examination or intervention that you may be referred to as a result of the present examination is not included in the price quoted.

Dr. Szabados Péter magánrendelése

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