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Do you want to make your lips look fuller and thus more attractive while maintaining their natural shape? Thanks to the professionally applied hyaluronic acid lip filler, perfect lips are no longer just a gift of the lucky ones. With injections of body-identical hyaluronic acid, lips can be simply and safely shaped to the desired fullness. 

At Versys Clinic, Dr. Balázs P. Deák's decade-long experience as a certified plastic surgeon is the key for the most aesthetic results. Prior to his career as a private practitioner, Dr. Deák had acquired a vast experience in plastic surgery at the state operated István Hospital’s and Honvéd Hospital’s burn and plastic surgery departments, and ever since then has continuously been participating in professional trainings to keep up with the latest techniques. The treatment is done with the product of the premium grade Juvederm brand. 


First, the area of the lips is cleaned, and anesthetic cream is applied, which begins to work after about 40 minutes. The cream is then removed, and the area gets disinfected. Hyaluronic acid is injected using a special syringe, through a fine needle. The treatment is completed with a facial massage with soothing cream. Hyaluronic acid is one of the important building blocks of our skin, so its delivery is well tolerated by the body and it rarely causes allergic reactions. Hyaluronic acid binds large amounts of water, increasing the volume of tissues and, over time, the body breaks it down without a trace.  You can go home after the treatment. Possible swelling can be alleviated by gentle icing. 

The procedure is not recommended in the following cases 

It is important to know that due to the increased bleeding, during menstruation the intervention is not recommended. 

Good To Know

Opening hours: Monday: 8:00–17:00 Tuesday: 8:00–19:00 Wednesday: 8:00–17:00 Thursday: 8:00–19:00 Friday: 8:00–17:00 The procedure is always preceded by a consultation where the doctor assesses the patient's needs, provides comprehensive information, and prepares a treatment plan. The treatment is performed on an outpatient basis. On the day of treatment, use only soap and water for cleaning, but the next day you can apply foundation around the lips. Please take care of your lips during the first week, so avoid exercise, sauna, solarium, windy or dusty areas. During this time, any bruising that occurred after the treatment will disappear. The result will be fully visible within two weeks. If you are taking vitamin C, it is advisable to suspend it in the days before treatment. If the procedure can not be completed, the consultation is free of charge.


The discounted rate is only available in limited amount for the given time period. The rate includes a consultation with a plastic surgeon and one-time injections with hyaluronic acid lip filler made by Juvederm. The service provider has the right to re-schedule the appointment upon previous consultation with the patient. The cost of any further examination or intervention that you may be referred to as a result of the present intervention is not included in the price quoted.

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