Complex breast cancer screening

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Breast cancer occurs in one out of ten women throughout their lives. Mammography is the most recommended method for screening for breast cancer for middle-aged and older women. In many cases, it can be life-saving because it can detect malignant breast lesions at an early, curable stage.


The complex breast diagnostic package includes mammographic imaging, palpation and ultrasound of the breasts. During the examination, the patient should be undressed from the waist up. During mammography, two x-rays of the breasts are taken from two directions, which take a few seconds. This time, you must remain motionless. Some discomfort can be caused by flattening the breasts between two plexiglass plates to obtain uniform thicknesses. On the other hand, breast ultrasound as an additional examination does not present any discomfort or health risk. The specialist will first palpate the area of the breast and axillary lymph nodes, and then apply a gel to the skin, moving the ultrasound probe up and down.

The examination is recommended in case of the following symptoms, complaints

  • in case of no complaints every two years between ages 45-65
  • in case of any lesions, lumps of skin, protrusion

Good To Know

Dr. Éva Átol is available for appointments on the following days: Thursday: 15:00 – 19:00 Friday: 14:30 – 19:00 Before the examination, please avoid using cosmetics in the affected area. The results of the examinations are evaluated on the spot by the physician and handed over to the patient with the mammography X-ray.


The rate includes a single complex breast cancer screening with mammography, ultrasound imaging and physical examination for one person. The cost of any additional tests are not included in the rate. The service provider may modify the appointment in consultation with the patient.


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