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Regular participation in a comprehensive gynecological assessment is essential for the timely detection of fertility problems, cancer or infectious diseases affecting the female reproductive organs. Gynecological check-ups are recommended annually for every woman, even if you have no complaints. A complex examination is especially important if you are planning to have a baby and would like to make sure that your body is healthy and well-prepared for pregnancy.  


Bimanual Examination: This is a two-hand examination of the femalereproductive organs, during which the doctor palpates the pelvic area to obtain information on the size and position of the uterus, andpossible abnormalities in the size of the ovaries and fallopian tubes. 

Vaginal Ultrasound: Ultrasound examination of the vagina providesan evenmore accurate picture of the internal pelvic organs assessed by the palpation test. During the procedure, the gel-coated probe of the ultrasound device is inserted into the vagina, and the head is slowly rotated by the specialist to scan the organs in question. A slight pressure may be felt during the test. Ultrasound can be used to visualize the possible formation of tumors, inflammatory processes, cysts or scars, while giving insight into the condition of the uterine wall muscle and the endometrium. Examination of the ovaries can provide information about possible cysts, follicular maturation or even hormonal imbalances. 

Cytological sampling: Following the spreading open of the vaginal wall using a device called speculum and the visual assessment of the cervical and vaginal walls, cytological sampling is performed. This involves collecting a sample from the cervical mucus by swiping a small wand. The sample is later checked in the laboratory under the microscope of acytopathologistfor the presence of abnormal cells that may signal malignancy. By this method, cervical cancer can be detected at an early stage with a good chance of being cured. 

The examination is recommended in case of the following symptoms, complaints 

  • abdominal pain, discharge, frequent urination, burning, itching, bleeding disorder, menstrual complaints, vaginal pain, etc. 
  • at least once a year in case of no complaints 
  • suspected pregnancy or if you are planning to become pregnant 

Good To Know

The doctor is available for appointments on the following days: Monday-Friday: 11:00- 16:00 Please avoid using vaginal suppositories in the affected area immediately prior to examination. Please avoid sexual intercourse in the 3 days prior to the examination.


The rate includes a complex gynecological examination and consultation for one patient. The cost of any additional tests is not included in the rate. The rate is only available in limited amount for the given time period. The service provider has the right to re-schedule the appointment upon previous consultation with the patient. The cost of any further examinations or interventions that may be referred to as consequence of the examination is not included in the price quoted.

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