Full body cold therapy at -110 degrees (season ticket)

Hermina Cold Therapy Center
Hermina - Budapest XIV.

Cold therapy is an innovative procedure that works by helping the body's own defense system activate. This is the basis for cold therapy, where the patient spends a few minutes in an extremely low-temperature chamber. Because of the shortness of time, there is no need to fear cooling, but the effect is still sufficient to activate the immune system, which can lead to a significant improvement in for example, rheumatism or psoriasis. The procedure also improves overall fitness and is therefore popular with competitive athletes. In addition to analgesia and anti-inflammatory effects, it is known to have a general well-being effect. Patients undergoing treatment often report improved sleep and improved mood.


  • Before Cold Therapy: Full body cold therapy is always preceded by a consultation and medical examination, by an experienced rheumatologist to check if the patient can be safely treated. If you are medically fit, you can go for the first treatment right after the consultation. The center provides a changing room where you can take off your swimsuit before treatment. To protect protruding parts of the body, you will receive protective gloves, ear and mouth protectors. Please wear sports shoes and thick socks during treatment.
  • During treatment: First, the patient spends half a minute in the pre-chamber of -60 ° C before entering the treatment chamber of -110 ° C, where he/she can stay for a maximum of 4 minutes. In both rooms, slow movement is recommended during the assigned time. For security, you can communicate from the chamber via a microphone to the operator, who will use cameras to monitor the patients.
  • After the treatment: motion therapy is recommended, for which the Center provides cardio machines and trained coaching staff on site. Treatment and after-treatment together take approximately 40 minutes.

The examination is recommended in case of the following symptoms, complaints

  • Rheumatism
  • Psoriasis
  • Immune system activation
  • Eczema
  • Asthma
  • Analgesics and anti-inflammatory

Good To Know

Before the first time using the cold theapy chamber a consultation by a rheumatologyist is required (included in the rate). The doctor is available for appointments on the following day: Wednesday: 13:30 - 17:00 After the consultation, the cold chamber can be used immediately with the permission of the specialist.


The service includes consultation and medical assessment by a rheumatologist and subsequent ten complete treatments of Dr. Cryosol Cold Therapy. The rate is only available in limited amount for the given time period.The cost of any additional tests are not included in the rate. The service provider may modify the appointment in consultation with the patient.

Hermina Cold Therapy Center

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