Web-based HEALHOP application operated by HEALHOP Kft.

General Conditions of USE (GCU)

In the present GCU, the following terms and expressions have the following meaning:

Healhop Kft.: Healhop Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság, registered seat: 4025 Debrecen, Simonffy u. 4-6. 123. iroda (Halköz üzletház), company registration number: 09-09-029778, VAT number: 26349192-2-09, represented by: Gábor Kövesdi, executive director.

Healthcare Service: one of the healthcare services described in point e) of section 3 of Act CLIV of 1997 on healthcare.

Healthcare Provider: a legal entity or sole proprietor that has signed an agreement with Healhop Kft. and possessing the necessary permits and authorizations to provide a Healthcare Service in Hungary.

Healhop: a web-based application available at www.healhop.com, allowing a person intending to use a Healthcare Service to use a Healthcare Service by entering into a contractual relationship with the Healthcare Provider. Healhop is available for computers, tablets and smartphones.

Privacy Policy: Healhop Kft.'s privacy notice about the conditions of processing the personal data processed by it, which complies with the GDPR provisions.

Patient: a person entitled to a Healthcare Service based on the contract established with the Healthcare Provider through the intermediation of Healhop.

Payer: a legally competent person registered on Healhop who established a contract with the Healthcare Provider through Healhop in order to use a Healthcare Service, this person being either a Patient or any other third person.

Booking: electronic initiative by the Payer to use a Healthcare Service.

Service Provision Agreement: an agreement established between the Healthcare Provider and the Payer for using the Healthcare Service, based on which the Patient is entitled to the Healthcare Service.

Time window: the term – defined in calendar days - during which a Healthcare Service is available against an assigned fee.


Introductory provisions

Healhop Kft. has established an agreement with Healthcare Providers in order to establish a Service Provision Agreement between a third party and the Healthcare Provider as an intermediary in order to use a Healthcare Service provided by the Healthcare Provider and, in certain cases, to establish a Service Provision Agreement on behalf of the Healthcare Provider by using Healhop. The purpose and the subject matter of the present GCU is to regulate the legal relationship between the Payer and Healhop Kft. necessary for establishing a Service Provision Agreement.

Through Healhop, Healhop Kft. provides an online user interface, through which Healthcare Providers can advertise and promote Healthcare Services and for the use of which they can establish Service Provision Agreements with a Payer registered on Healhop.

If the Payer books one of the Healthcare Services by using Healhop and the present GCU are met, a contractual relationship, a Service Provision Agreement is established between the Payer and the selected Healthcare Provider for using the selected Healthcare Service. Once a Service Provision Agreement has been established, Healhop Kft. takes exclusively an intermediary role between the Payer and the selected Healthcare Provider.

Healhop Kft. provides no healthcare services or similar services, and is not a reseller of any such services.

Healhop can only be used for personal, and not for commercial use. As a result, reselling, deep-linking, using, copying, observing (e.g. spider, scrape), displaying, downloading and reproducing contents, information, software and bookings on Healhop for any commercial or competitive activity or purpose is not authorized.


1. Registration

1.1 In order to use Healhop, the Payer registers on the Healhop interface. When doing so, s/he provides the following data:
family name and first name, e-mail address, phone number, password

1.2 Upon finishing the registration, the Payer reads and agrees to the present GCU as well as Healhop Kft.'s Privacy Policy by checking the proper box. If the GCU and the Privacy Policy are not agreed to, the registration cannot be finished. In order to send the registration to Healhop Kft., the Payer clicks on the „Create” button.

1.3 After the registration is submitted, Healhop Kft. sends an electronic letter to the Payer at the e-mail address specified when registering. The Payer finishes the registration by clicking on the link in the e-mail, which will register the Payer in Healhop's system.

2. Logging into Healhop's system, logging out of the system, statements in Healhop's system

2.1 Only registered users are authorized to log into Healhop. The Payer is authorized to log into Healhop by using the user name and the password specified when registering.

2.2 Healhop Kft. considers all statements made by using the Payer's user name and password as statements made by the Payer him/herself in person.

2.3 Once the Payer has finished using Healhop, the Payer is advised to log out of Healhop's system by clicking on the „Sign out” tab.

3. Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Services

3.1 On Healhop, Healthcare Services are offered exclusively by Healthcare Providers that have an agreement with Healhop Kft.

3.2 All Healthcare Services displayed on Healhop feature a brief description, the conditions of use, including, but not limited to

 (a) the important health requirements relating to use by the Patient,

 (b) the contractual terms and conditions applied by the Healthcare Provider if a Healthcare Service Booking is made,

 (c) the terms and costs of cancelling or modifying a Healthcare Service Booking


 (d) the most important data of the Healthcare Provider providing the Healthcare Service along with, potentially, the rating of the Healthcare Provider

on the same page as the selected Healthcare Service.

3.3 When it comes to Healthcare Service, the information and the conditions disclosed on Healhop are based on the information obtained from the Healthcare Providers. While Healhop Kft. does its utmost to make sure they are appropriate and real, Healhop Kft. cannot verify them and does not guarantee that all information and conditions displayed for the Healthcare Service are accurate, comprehensive or entirely truthful.

4. Time Window

4.1 All Healthcare Services are available in the time frame specified (from the first to the last day specified), in the Time Window specified on Healhop, in the specified amount.

4.2 It is possible for the number of bookings for a Healthcare Service to be so high within the Time Window that the Healthcare Provider in question can no longer perform the Healthcare Service. In order to avoid this, Healhop Kft. displays - for information purposes - the amount of Healthcare Service still available in the Time Window.

4.3 It is possible for the entirety of the Healthcare Service – including, but not limited to the availability of the selected Healthcare Service – not to take place within the Time Window because of medical protocol, the Patient's health condition or other reasons. Healhop Kft. tries to provide the relevant information alongside the given Healthcare Service, but cannot provide comprehensive information either to the Payer or to the Patient.

5. Establishing a Service Provision Agreement

5.1 To access a Healthcare Service in the selected Time Window with the Healthcare Provider, the Payer can initiate establishing a Service Provision Agreement by clicking on the Booking button, which will inform the Healthcare Provider through Healhop's system about the intent of establishing the agreement.

5.2 The Payer can inquire about the status of the Service Provision Agreement in the menu points of the „Bookings” tab, and this also where the Patient can schedule an in-person appointment with the Healthcare Provider for using the service. Following the Booking, the Healthcare Provider sends proposed appointment times to the Payer for the booked Healthcare Service. If the Payer agrees to one of the times proposed by the Healthcare Provider for initiating a Healthcare Service, a Service Provision Agreement is established between the Healthcare Provider and the Payer, upon acceptance by the Payer.

5.3 By booking, the Payer agrees to

 (a) the conditions published by the Healthcare Provider on Healhop relating to using the booked Healthcare Service along with the contractual conditions, also available on Healhop, of the Healthcare Provider relating to the performance of the Service Provision Agreement, including but not limited to the conditions of modifying, withdrawing from or cancelling the Service Provision Agreement,

 (b) the scheduling necessary to use the Healthcare Services to take place through Healhop between the Payer and the Healthcare Provider,

 (c) Healhop Kft. sending an e-mail to the Payer, in which s/he can rate and review the Healthcare Provider and the Healthcare Service provided by it.

5.4 A Healhop Kft. hereby informs the Payer that

 (a) the Service Provision Agreement to be established is considered a written agreement,

 (b) Healhop Kft. establishes at least the conclusion and the date of the agreement, the contracting parties, the beneficiary of the Service Provision Agreement as the Patient, its subject matter and fee,

 (c) the concluded Service Provision Agreement can be accessed at least for 1 year after conclusion,

 (d) the language of the agreement is the language selected on Healhop,

 (e) Healhop's service activity is not regulated by a code of conduct.

6. Processing personal data

6.1 When registering, the Payer agrees to Healhop Kft.'s Privacy Policy and the notice about Cookies.

6.2 If the Payer and the Patient are not the same person, the Payer is responsible for ensuring that s/he possesses the authorization and consent of the Patient to have his/her personal data uploaded to Healhop and to have them transferred to the Healthcare Provider as well as to have them processed in accordance with Healhop's Privacy Policy.

7. The Fee

7.1 The fee of the Healthcare Service available on Healhop is displayed in the Time Window of the Healthcare Service in question. The fee always includes all taxes paid on the Healthcare Service, in particular the applicable VAT. The fee displayed is only valid for the duration of the Time Window assigned to the Healthcare Service.

7.2 Unless otherwise specified on the Healthcare Service page, the Payer and/or the Patient pays no fee to Healhop Kft. for acting as an intermediary in establishing a Service Provision Agreement between the Healthcare Provider and the Payer.

7.3 In accordance with the provisions of the Service Provision Agreement established for using the Healthcare Service, the Payer must pay a fee to the Healthcare Provider.

7.4 The fees payable are displayed in Hungarian forints on Healhop, but in order to be able to calculate the fees in other currencies, a currency exchange program is also available on Healhop, but the amount displayed in a different currency using this (e.g. in euros or American dollars) is strictly indicative, therefore, it cannot be considered as accurate, real-time information.

8. Liability

8.1 Healhop Kft. bears no responsibility

 (a) for any wrong data recorded on Healhop's platform,

 (b) for any mistakes, including typos, displayed on Healhop's platform along with obvious mistakes,

 (c) for the constancy of the electronic availability of Healhop, any interruptions of electronic availability, including any temporary or partial breakdown, repair, improvement or maintenance of Healhop or any of its services,

 (d) for inaccurate, misleading or untruthful data or for disclosing incomplete information,

 (e) for establishing a Service Provision Agreement and its compliant execution,

 (f) for the quality of any one of the Healthcare Providers or the equipment, premises, product or service thereof, for the standard, promotion and advertisement of its services, and does not consider it its duty to verify these.

8.2 The Healthcare Provider pledging to perform the Healthcare Service is responsible for all information relating to the Healthcare Service displayed on Healhop, including but not limited to the fees assessed, the contractual conditions of Healthcare Provider, their accuracy and lawfulness, the accuracy of other applicable rules, the accuracy, completeness and veracity of information.

8.3 A Healhop Kft. only bears responsibility for

 (a) operating in accordance with the Hungarian laws,

 (b) ensuring that a Service Provision Agreement can be concluded with the Healthcare Provider under the terms and conditions of the present GCU,

 (c) Healhop Kft. has the right to facilitate the establishment of Service Provision Agreements with the Healthcare Provider through Healhop in order to help to use the Healthcare Services displayed on Healhop.

9. Intellectual Property Rights

9.1 Healhop and any software necessary for using the services thereof as well as any software available through, located on or used by www.healhop.com along with all intellectual property, including graphic displays, structure, information and the name Healhop and any form thereof appearing on Healhop as a trademark is the property of Healhop Kft. and all copyrights and other rights relating to intellectual property belong to Healhop Kft., therefore, these cannot, under any circumstances, be reproduced, used, referred to, published, advertised, integrated, expropriated, combined or otherwise used without Healhop Kft.'s express consent.

10. Entry into force and publication of the GCU

10.1 The provisions of the present GCU enter into force on the 1st of February 2019.

10.2 Any modification of the present GCU will be published on www.healhop.com by Healhop Kft. no later than fifteen days before its entry into force.


Date and place: Budapest, 31st of January 2019

Kövesdi Gábor
Executive director
Healhop Kft.